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About Us

CX Hub was born from a passion of a Senior Aerospace Executive for Customer Experience.

Who We Are

We are a mix. We are young and energetic. We are senior and thoughtful. We are a group of people who have a passion for Customer Experience. More than a team, we are a community, that includes partners and contributors, all aiming the same… to help people and organizations to transform themselves to have the Customers in the center of everything they do. We are …

The Mastermind

Sérgio Frias

President and CEO at CX Hub

Senior Aerospace Executive, with over 20 years in Customer facing roles, such as Aftermarket Suppliers Management, Customer Support, Customer Experience and Sales of Products and Services.

Sergio is a Chartered Professional Marketer and the Chief Customer Experience Officer at the Chartered Institute of Marketing Management of Ontario.

Experienced Speaker, he is now starting his journey as a Writer, translating his memories and knowledge into narratives for his book “Have a NICE day”, sharing all he knows about Customer Experience. His knowledge comes from his practical experience developing and implementing people and organizational development programs focused on the transformation to deliver Great Customer Experiences. This knowledge was proven in real life and through all his studies in this front of expertise.

Passionate for the Disney way of delivering the Magical Moments, he visited Disney Parks across the globe many times for the fun and as a learning exercise.

Fun with the family, by the way, is a very important part of this car enthusiast’s life and his most cherished activity is to bring to life opportunities to create life long memories for his kids, because he learned from his father, as a child, that “What is important in life is to have stories to tell”.

This man is truly a story teller.

The Hostess

Andrea Linares

Director of Marketing

Dea, as she likes to be called, is a young Marketer, who gave up her successful career in Marketing Agencies in Brazil to come to Canada in the search for purpose and a meaningful way to use her very particular understanding of the motives and behaviors of Consumers.

She found at CIMMO (where she is the Director of Customer Experience) the perfect place for her to nurture her aspirations to work to make the world a better place through Marketing and to develop her instinctive talent for Customer Experience.

Now at CX Hub, she is applying all her knowledge, particularly related to Social Media, to make the CX Hub brand recognized as a true Customer Experience power house.

Dea is also lending her energy and passion to develop the content being shared by CX Hub on our Experience Hub, as well as acting as some kind of switchboard operator, given her amazing ability to connect people and ideas.

The Wizard

Dr. Youssef Youssef

Counsellor - Strategist

Youssef is a Professor and the Marketing Degree program coordinator at Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. Youssef's leadership in Marketing Education and Student's Centric Learning Experience enabled a transformation of the Marketing Degree program at the Faculty of Business at Humber thanks to the combination of his ability to develop relationships and his experience and knowledge about Marketing's from an application perspective.

Youssef is also the President of CIMMO (Chartered Institute of Marketing Management of Ontario), where he walks the talk of the institution's motto - Making the world a better place through Marketing.

The immense experience in developing business strategy and his unparalleled understanding of social evolution and the technological implications on the ecosystem transformation are a perfect fit for CX Hub to grow and remain on a continuous learning and development path, keeping its programs updated continuously.

He is a real Wizard when it comes to the use of marketing technologies in real life. He understands the functionalities of the different technologies and their role in the user experience, contributing to the growth of CX Hub and CIMMO second to none.

The Gen Z Ambassador

Angela Hoang

Program Manager

Angela is a fresh graduate from the Humber College Marketing Program, who graduated following a path of curiosity, interest and hunger for learning.

Angela excelled in school maintaining honour role and graduating with a GPA of 3.7.

She has wide range of skillsets by working in different sectors such as Customer Relations Management, Office Administration, Retail, Customer Service and Sales roles.

Her contribu0on to CX Hub, besides managing the training programs is representing the perspectives and the thinking of young consumers and professionals that can benefit from the content created and published by CX Hub.

She keeps the ideas fresh while developing the content and she brings to the atention of the senior team members the topics and view points that are required to be improved or implemented in the CX Hub training programs.

The Feeder

Fabiana Frias

VP of Finance and Operations

Fabiana keeps us running. Her career experience working on the banking industry coupled with her ability to manage resources as the happy mother of twins, makes her the right person to manage all the Administrative aspects of this company.

Her curiosity and her demand for quality service makes her also a good contributor on the aspects relative to Customer Behavior, feeding the rest of the team with ideas related to Consumer Satisfaction.

The Mogul

Marcelo Didier

Contracted IT Head

Marcelo supports us under a contract for IT development and support.

He is the Strategic Production Director at Webnauta, a Brazilian Web Design powerhouse.

He is the man in charge of the CX Hub Learning Platform (www.cxhubconsulting.com)

CX Hub was born from a passion of a Senior Aerospace Executive for Customer Experience.

This passion started in 2006 when Sergio Frias was given the challenge to turn around the Spare Parts business at Embraer, the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer.

Back in the day, Embraer was the number 13 out of 13 companies surveyed every year by AIN to define the ranking of the best companies in aerospace for Customer Services. Customers were very unhappy about the service level being delivered and the team was living its all time low in terms of motivation. We got our WHY right there. There was an urgent need to make people happier delivering Great Customer Experiences.

Very quickly it became aparent that a Companywide Transformation was needed, to convert the Operations Oriented Company into a Customer Centric Organizaton. There we found our HOW.

The NICE Program was ceated to Review Processes, to Update Tools, to Develop People, to Change the Culture, to put the Customer in the Center of Everything the Company Does. That became our WHAT.


Once we defined our WHY, our HOW and our WHAT, all we needed was to draw a Plan and Execute.

The Execution was very Successful. In about four years Embraer became Number 1 on AIN survey, where it remais for the last 10 years.

This is what CX Hub is good at. We Specialize on providing the Knowledge to allow the people and/or the companies to put together the Plans and Execute to get the Transformation to the Customer Focus to become a reality.

When Sergio left this organization he carried along all the concepts, techniques and metodologies he created and kept Refining the NICE Program over the years, to its current format, adding more experience due to his career growth in Contracts, Sales, Marketing for Products and Services, always in Customer facing positions.

With the NICE Program Evolution, it finally came the time, in 2020, for Sergio to make his Dream Come True, by bringing CX Hub to life, Sharing all this Knowledge and Experience to give others the chance to Thrive in the World of Customer Experience.

CX Hub was adopted by the Chartered Institute of Marketing Management of Ontario (CIMMO), as its Incubator, to support the newly formed company so CX Hub could grow and thrive.

The Partnership between CX Hub and CIMMO is important to both organizations. For CX Hub the value is on the Credibility. The fact that such an important organization scrutinized this program and validated the Value Proposition, which includes the Concepts, the Delivery Model and the Objectives makes a big difference.

For CIMMO, the value is on the gain in their ability to Increase their Offering to their members and the general public, including content that is a Trending Topic and which importance is on the rise. CX Hub will be Delivering, on behalf of CIMMO, their whole Customer Experience Content.

Another important contribution by CIMMO is the development of a stringent process for Assessment and verification of the Customer Experience Competence of the people and companies participating on the NICE Program. CIMMO will carry out the Certification and Accreditation process called:

CCXM – Chartered Customer Experience Marketer – Individuals
CXR – Customer Experience Ready – Companies with Action Plans
CCXB – Chartered Customer Experience Benchmark – Companies that have proven results coming out of the NICE Program implementation

Where did this name come from ? Why CX Hub ?

Our Expetise is the Customer Experience, aka CX and our idea was to have a place where anyone, with any question or interest related to Customer Experience could go and would find all kinds of information in One Single Place. This is why we call it a Hub. A place where we Connect Everyone with the best Curated CX Content, NICE and easy.

In our Experience Hub, you will find:

– Podcasts
– Webinarss
– CX Hub Articles
– Third Party Articles
– Case Studies
– CX Hub Videos
– Third Party Videos
– Books Highlights
– Connections with Partners
– Video Classes
– Learning Objectives & Homework
– CX Hub Community
– CX Hub News & Events
– CX Games

Our Beliefs

Our Value Proposition

We Deliver :

Training, Education and Development
Vistual Classes, Online Programs
Mentoring, In-Company Courses
Consulting Services

We enable the Transformation from Operations Oriented Companies to Customer Centric Organizations

We help People to become Teasers, Insight Creators, Leaders of Change

We help Companies to become Delight Factories, Benchmarks, Trend Setters

We Make the World a Better Place through Customer Experience
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